Walking proves a flat, stationary Earth!

You can forget walking on a Planet spinning to the East at 1040mph.

To tackle the Flat Earth from a common sense perspective, let’s think about common sense things, like walking. Walking is our most basic form of travel from point A to point B. Humans along with all other animals on the Earth propel themselves by thrust generated from their muscles.

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Hello Flat World!

Have you ever wondered, “Hey, could the Earth be flat?”. Yea, me neither. Until of course, you apply that little thing called “Common Sense”. Just like you, I was a life long lover of all things space and space sciences.

My story is no different than anyone else’s in the sense that I thought the Flat Earth video I was watching was a joke. No really, I thought it was a joke until I realized, the Flat Earth video was right. I never had to adjust for the Coriolis Effect (FOREHEAD SLAP)  when I fired a rifle at long range!!! We’ll get to that later. Continue reading “Hello Flat World!”