Flat Earth and LGBT

Hello lovely souls! M and K here! Are you LGBT and questioning the shape of Earth? The GREAT news is, you’re not alone. The better news is, the Earth is flat!

There are lesbians, gays and transgenders in every community, including the Flat Earth community. Even though you may encounter stiff opposition and may even experience bigotry and hatred directed towards you. It’s not YOU, it’s THEM.

What have I learned about being transgender and being open with my identity is the following: People choose to hide their own shame, biases and sexual frustrations and will deliver that hatred and shame, usually under the guise of religious pretexts. Of course, just like any other racial/sexual barrier, it will eventually be breached.

Many, choose to remain uninformed about LGBT issues or will avoid the issue, with you, directly out of fear and bias, not YOU. This will be your biggest hurtle to overcome, if you choose to disclose that information about yourself. You are going to see and hear a lot of downright horrible things – Stay the course. Eventually, the Flat Earth community will become larger and acceptance of LGBT will, sadly for many, become a reality.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking openly about your LGBT status, don’t speak about it. Or if you feel it your duty as a mentally healthy and stable individual, get into the fray! Either way you go, we love you even if you’re not feeling it from others in the group.

Have no doubt you are beautiful and lovely just the way you are  – Let your beauty shine through the hatred. It’s the only way. If you want to reach out to me for support, please feel free to drop me a line on the “Contact” page.

Never be ashamed for who or what you are. People, no matter how much they have been tricked into believing they are entitled to judge other’s, aren’t. The shame lies in others that choose to live in a world of ignorance, shame and hatred in the age of information.

M and K