M and K?

M and K

So, what’s up with ” M and K”?

We were tortured, abused and traumatized in our years as a child. That trauma forced me to split into two different people (There could be more).

The problem is compounded by the fact that I struggle with Autism. Being Autistic means that we learned to communicate, our most even basic needs, our emotions and our trauma through movies, perpetually, for decades as a traumatized child.

This is the moment of trauma, or when K and our other persona met:

Inversely, this moment of trauma, also tore us all apart and we had to say goodbye to each other.

There is another male version of me and a female version of me. K, is the best side of all of us. She’s the artist, the part that of me that was suppressed, the most colorful part. klight2

Doing this without meds is very, very difficult. To survive pain you have to embrace it. The medical community misdiagnosed and poisoned me with drugs which only made our problems infinitely more complex.

I or we as a collective, stopped taking pysch meds. We are trying to live as a unit without the band aid pills. Eventually, the pills will run out and for those that don’t know how to live without them, yikes.

  So this is her forum just as much as it is the rest of us and to allow her to have a voice, means that she exists in balance with the rest of us.

yinyang  Did you know the Yin Yang is a flat earth map?

  If when reading this you tell yourself, “My God this guy is crazy”, just imagine living that disbelief as three different people but not knowing it.

  We may appear crazy to you but we aren’t crazy nor out of touch with reality. We have come into reality – and are better for it.