Titanic: Sunk or sunk?

Hello everyone! From day one we always knew something was wrong with the official story of the sinking of the Titanic. Well, finally, the last puzzle piece finally came together.

  A fire. A big, big fire that started weeks before the ship left port. Even when we ourselves were studying the story of sinking in Autistic detail, we read of a fire on board the ship but information about it was sparse. Until we saw this documentary. The fire itself, is a major contributor to the sinking but we won’t give away the details. <The spoiler is at the bottom>

I/we contend the Titanic disaster wasn’t an accident. In 1898 a book was written called “The wreck of the Titan” and both the fictional ship and the actual Titanic vessel had a stunning number of similarities – Of course, also sharing the same name!

The White Star line, having serious financial trouble at the time and facing stiff competition built the Titanic out of low grade steel and iron. The quality of the ship’s structure material wasn’t of the highest grade possible, which also played a part in the sinking.

Another unique problem we always saw with the Titanic sinking was the way in which the collision was handled. A lot of historians have asked the question “Why not just ram the iceberg, dead on”? If the officers would have run headfirst, smackdab into the iceberg, the ship wouldn’t have sunk and they would have known this fact. Many lives would have been lost and the front of the ship destroyed but the ship wouldn’t have gone to the bottom.

Consider these facts:

  • In 1898 a book, “The wreck of the Titan” was written. This book was about a ship that struck an iceberg and sank. Both ships same a stunning number of similarities.
  • The White Star Line was having serious financial problems at the time
    of Titanic’s construction and facing stiff competition from other shipping companys.
  • The Titanic wasn’t built with the highest quality metals available at a the time, even after ship designers requested high grade metals be used in her construction.
  • A coal fire started that burned for weeks, below decks, that eventually
    melted and deformed a watertight bulkhead on the starboard (right) side of the ship, that was a major contributor to the sinking.
  • The Titanic struck an iceberg in the EXACT same (starboard) spot where the bulkhead had been heated and deformed (disabled) by an extremely hot coal fire.
  • The ship would have not have sunk, had it’s Officer’s rammed the iceberg head on. Every officer on deck would have known and understood this fact.
  • The damage caused by the Iceberg was localized to the starboard bow side of the ship, punching holes in exact same spot where the very structure of the ship itself had be critically weakened by fire.
  • The judge, who oversaw the case of the sinking of the Titanic did everything in his power to suppress the fact that the fire aboard the Titanic even existed, much less played a major factor in the sinking.

It to us, sounds more likely that a company, facing huge financial problems built a ship out of shoddy materials and had it sunk based on a book that someone read called, “Wreck of the Titan”.

Perhaps, the insurance payout might have been a sweet deal considering the company’s financial hardships at the time. There were also a lot of 1st class capitalists aboard that ship, which always piques the interest of anyone who is truly awake.

It seems highly more likely that the ship was steered into an iceberg, creating the conveniently exact catastrophic damage needed, at a very convenient, specific location on the ship, to ensure that it’s water tight bulkheads including the critically damaged one, would be overwhelmed, sinking the ship.

More along the lines of “See that iceberg over there? Hit it”.



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