When Vsauce tries to debunk us and fails miserably.

Oh, my, God. Vsauce must have taken some notice to our work. LOLOL. He goes out of his way and spends 26 minutes making absolutely not a lick of sense. He blatantly LIES about the curvature numbers of Earth. He blatantly lied, again. The ACTUAL curvature numbers are 8 inches per mile, SQUARED. This guy truly is something.

He even calls the Earth a “Ball”, which it isn’t. The Earth, if given the complete horeshit heliocentric model applied, is an “Oblate Spheroid”. We also find it funny all of the stupid globe models he has around him are perfect spheres. The Earth bulges at the center.


Of course, Vsauce is referencing this meme:

We asked the question “How can Florida be flatter than a pancake and be our country’s flattest state? It’s impossible. His answer, laughably, as all pearheads parrot, “Well, the Earth is just too big to to notice a curvature”. A laughable and shameless attempt to hide the Flat Earth with a constant barrage of big, scary numbers and pathetic Earth/billiard ball analogies.

The title of this video is also blatantly misleading, this is nothing more than another terrible attempt to debunk flat Earth.

And by the way, Vsauce has also failed to tackle our Flat Earth Opposing Motion law, (FEOML) that still, to this day, stands uncontested. This law completely and utterly destroys all of this nonsense, with two numbers.


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