Flat Earth brain buster for your buds

Hello everyone! We were just thinking about heliocentric fallacies (Which are abound). Vsauce has a video of what would happen if the Earth just immediately stopped spinning. It would be instant death, for everyone, as everyone and everything bolted to the earth would be instantly flung to the East at 1040mph (That’s 1525.333 FEET PER SECOND!) (Equatorial). Life on the Pear Earth would end.

BUT WAIT! The common argument is that the Earth is so big, we can’t FEEL it’s movement. Say what?  How can that be possible if the Earth stopped spinning everyone would be instantly turned into debris moving at 1040mph to the East!!?! Can’t have it both ways!

By the way our FEOML still has yet to be debunked.


8 thoughts on “Flat Earth brain buster for your buds”

      1. When you can tell me, exactly, down to the MPH, how fast you are moving
        at your current geographic location, we will talk.


    1. LOL. Actually Vsauce debunks himself quite well with THIS video here:

      Of course, the Earth, they say spins at different rates depending
      on your geographical location. Let’s assume the Earth and the “Atmosphere”
      are moving at a constant velocity of 1040mph or 1525.333 feet per second
      (FPS). Vsauce shows what would happen if the Earth just stopped spinning.

      Everything including us and everything bolted to Earth would become
      missiles flying at the speed, listed above (At the equator). Everyone
      would die, instantly.

      He debunks himself nicely in that if everything was moving at that
      speed constantly, opposing that motion (traveling West, against the spin
      of the surface of earth and the “Atmosphere”), would be impossible by people,
      aircraft, birds, bugs, anything.

      By the way, thank you for the comments. For some reason, I am not being notified
      by email that you are commenting. You seem like a cool person. Drop us an email,
      let’s chat flat earth!

      M and K


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