Moving on! :D

Hello everyone! 😀 Glad to see people still come to see some flat earth truth! It’s time I moved on from Flat Earth advocacy as it was a needed form of release/distraction. An anchor perhaps, when I had nothing left to hold on to, during the beginning phases of my recovery.

I have met great friends, sadly made some enemies but I will always treasure my time meeting such wonderful, brave folks, working so hard to promote the truth of the place we call “Earth”. Far better men (and women) than I –  I’m still humbled by the minds and people I’m honored to call my friends.

No one, has yet debunked my “Flat Earth Opposing Motion Law” (FEOML), which can be found here. This completely and thoroughly debunks and destroys the idea of a “Planet” that is spinning in one direction, constantly (But also, slowing) at ANY speed. Think you can debunk this one? Give it a try. – And yes, I still promote flat earth, to everyone I meet.

Anytime you need a debate buddy or wanna shoot some flat earth truth, you can always email me and reach out! 😀