Access Denied – The Pineal gland and atrocity.

Hello lovely readers! Michael Tellinger talks a lot about the Pineal Gland and our restricted access to it. We finally have a running theory as to WHY the Pineal Gland was hidden from us in the first place! Let’s talk about it! 

In short, the Pineal Gland is your third eye that sits dead smack in the center of your brain. This is the gland that is sensitive to sound and vibrations. This is the gland that also allows for Extra Sensory Perception (Esp). We have to go all the way back through recorded history and it’s going to be an awesome trip. Let’s tart with the Sumerians.

Sumer (/ˈʃmər/)[note 1] was the first urban civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze ages, and arguably the first civilization in the world with Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley.[1] Living along the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, Sumerian farmers were able to grow an abundance of grain and other crops, the surplus of which enabled them to settle in one place.

What’s interesting about the Sumerians is that they possessed many different technologies and other forms of high civilization. This is evidence that these technologies and forms of high civilization were gifted, traded or handed down to the Sumerians. The first financial check was Sumerian! We know this because they also recorded their existence on cuneiform tablets.

What’s also interesting is that the Sumerians recorded the existence of “The Gods”. These giant (humans LOVE stories of giants and giant trees) creatures are also known as the “Annuaki”. It is recorded that humans were actually created by “The Gods” in the laboratory of the day and certainly not by a big bang. If your an Astroscience type, as hard as it is, try and suspend your disbelief. Don’t worry, we will get there soon.

“Let us create a lulu, a primitive worker, the hardship work to take over… By the mark of our essence to fashion him.”     Sumerian Tablet

All animals and creatures process fear the same way. They react to fear with hiding. When a dog poops in the house, they hide the poop or eat it out of fear of the owner’s response and will run and hide.

As we have stated before, we believe that humans, trees, animals and every living thing on the Flat Earth is a data network. There is already evidence of this network communication by trees and plants in the links above.

Perhaps the Annunaki understood the reality of the realm they resided in because they as well, had access to their own Pineal Gland (We are made in THEIR image). They FEARED  humans understanding the reality of the realm they resided in and possible retaliation or overthrow of their control.

Imagine it,  humans being able to send data to the rest of the realm’s living networks through silent thought. Perhaps, through telepathy humans could tell the realm to adjust itself and destroy their slavemasters through those adjustments, without lifting a single weapon against them. Finding balance, once again, as a whole system/realm by destroying the Annunaki through balance of nature (Germ Outbreak,ect).

The enclosed flat earth is a giant system of living networks. All these networks are in constant silent communication with eachother. Animals and creatures here find balance and harmony with eachother because they have access to eachother’s networks.

 So why go through the trouble to hide access to our Pineal Gland in the first place?


  So that we cannot access other networks of other creatures and sense our own atrocities committed against them, which includes our human brothers and sisters. Humans can’t seem to find harmony in nature because we don’t have access to the networks surrounding us. We are told of the damage to the ecosystem(s) on the Earth but to humans, we can’t access and sense the network’s distress for ourselves. We are blind, deaf and dumb.

 We can tear at the flesh of others, bomb, maim and commit these atrocities against our brothers BECAUSE we don’t have access to the greater network of information in our realm.

  If we sensed, using our Pineal Gland, the suffering of the trees in the network, if we sensed the bees and whales dying, we would stop killing them. Our humanity rests in our emotions that have been stunted for this very reason. If we could sense those that are killed in war, thousands of miles away, for ourselves in our own home, war would stop tomorrow.

  Slaughter houses, hunting, hurting our brothers would end tomorrow if we could sense for ourselves in our minds, the consequences of our actions against others. If we could speak, or access the greater network of information (humans, trees, planets), through ESP and telepathy, we can’t be controlled by anyone. We would understand the entire network, not just our puny existence as humans. We wouldn’t have to rely on anyone or anything to understand the realm itself in our own individual ways.

  If we could sense the tears of those that suffer every day, through poverty, or hunger, disease, the justice system the suffering would stop. Let us use a practical example:

  We go to movies and watch stories of serials killers that commit felony crimes, atrocious killings, rapes and more. We experience their story through our emotions and we can connect with this killer and understand their own plight. We might say, “he’s a tortured soul, no wonder he’s killing all these people” – or perhaps we hate the character but understand why.

  Rarely, if ever, do we extend this same kindness to ACTUAL felons and our brothers and sisters who are troubled and struggling in life. If we had instant and effortless access to their plight (Their movie) through our brains and emotions, the world would be a different a place. One of the least conflict possible. We can’t sense the network of the realm, we can’t and don’t want to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, the trees, the plants and animals.

  The Annunaki didn’t want their engineered slaves, humans, to understand that they weren’t Gods. They were creatures (Albeit technologically advanced ones) that didn’t come from space, another perpetuated lie, but were trapped in a realm just like their slaves. They hid access to the higher harmonic fields of sound, vibration and network connections to plants, animals and other living networks, including humans in our realm to retain control over us.

   If we could access entire realm’s network of information, any time we wanted, effortlessly and quietly using telepathy and ESP the “Global Warming” hoax would end tomorrow. We would understand in our human terms, the balance or health of the greater system. We wouldn’t be able to be lied to about where and what we live on. We would immediately understand it.

  If we understood the plight of the realm and our brethren, we would end that plight. We would be able to sense and understand the system around and couldn’t be manipulated and lied to by the powers that be. We could decide for ourselves how to best serve humanity for our brothers, our sisters and the greater realm around us.

  If we understood and had access to the network of plants and trees, we would understand GeoEngineering is depriving them of sunlight, as well. Everything would change if we had access to our Pineal Gland.

  We could silently  and effortlessly send and receive data about ourselves and others and experience that data in our own individual, human emotions and terms.

  The world would be a different place, indeed. We are blind, deaf and dumb to the rest of the living network(s) and eachother in this realm, by design. We are easily, controlled and manipulated because we don’t have access to the realm and it’s network data, or, the truth of what we live in and who we actually are.

  M and K