Strafing targets would require constant correction…

Hello lovelies! No unguided munition that has been fired from (or) anything requires correction for the “Coriolis effect” that the constant motion of the Earth would require.


What’s interesting is, some people will claim that they have adjusted for the Coriolis Effect. Most of these professional liars always fail one challenge. Whenever someone claims to have adjusted for the “Coriolis Effect”, they always forget that shooting in one geographical of the world would be different from another. “Oh, I have adjusted for it alright!!”.

We haven’t adjusted for the Coriolis Effect nor do we know anyone who has weapons experience adjusting for it, either.


Speaking of which, this is yet more direct evidence that calculators of all kinds measuring your exact speed at your EXACT geographical ¬†would be a necessity and yet, we can’t find one.

Shooting anything would never be same, anywhere. I have heard the claim that “The Earth is so big we don’t FEEL it’s movement” yet no one has given us a formula to decipher the actual speed of the Earth moving, relative to humans.


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