Sun getting hotter? We have a theory.

Even Dane Wigington has said it many times before. The sun feels hotter because it is hotter. It’s not because of global warming. It’s because the living networks on Earth is telling her to turn the heat up! 

So we know the Earth is flat. We know the sun is right above us. There is plenty of visual evidence that clouds can travel behind the sun. Clouds can’t be behind something that is 93 million (LOL) miles away! Basic oppositional math gives away the entire “Globe Earth” claim.

The stated “purpose” of Geoengineering is to manage, through climate modification, “Global Warming”. There is no such thing as the globe (Oblate Spheroid) Earth and we doubt highly we are causing catastrophic damage on the scale that’s being claimed by “Global warming”.

So let’s remove the Globe Earth and let’s remove the idea Global Warming, for just a brief second. WHAT on the Flat Earth would make the sun change it’s output, so much so that plankton in the oceans are dying, bark is being burned off trees and causing the chain of life to break down?

As we stated previously, our realm is a self regulating system. The sun and moon exist in perfect balance. A self regulating system, of course has to be able to monitor itself and adjust itself accordingly to internal changes to maintain balance, and therefore life to the network of humans, plants and animals.

One of the methods used in GeoEngineering is called “Solar Radiation Management”. The idea is suspending particles of nano particulate format metals into the “Atmosphere” to REFLECT and SCATTER sunlight. Basically, preventing sunlight from hit the ground.

As we stated earlier, everything on Earth is a network. Trees, plants, animals, fish, moss, humans, EVERYTYHING is a network system, trading and relaying information to the rest of the system.

Geoengineering is blocking sunlight from hitting the ground. The entire network is being denied sunlight. Perhaps the sun, is being told by the collective system that it needs MORE sunlight!

The very fact GeoEngineering is taking places and preventing all creatures and plants on Earth the sunlight they need, the sun, being self regulated and receiving that data from the ground,  increases it’s output of sunlight because it’s being told to do so.

The sun doesn’t understand that it’s own energy is being deflected away from the network from human created Geoengineering, it’s simply receiving the message the entire network needs more sunlight. This would explain the extremely high radiation now hitting the surface of Earth, burning the bark off trees and killing plankton in the oceans.

It’s being told to get even hotter from the network! It’s that simple, from a self regulated system, in our eyes. The sun feels hotter because it is hotter!

Most people are Vitamin D deficient. Guess how your body creates Vitamin D? Sunlight. The human network that is part of this self regulated system is telling the sun, CRANK IT, BABY and that’s exactly what it’s doing. Getting hotter and hotter as the network sends more signals to increase it’s output as the Geoengineering continues and worsens.

M and K