More Interstellar nonsense. (Gravitational Redshifting)

M and K all! People that “believe” in Astroscience rarely look under the hood of the junk science they parrot. This is a classic symptom of brainwashing. Anyways, while this scene looks beautiful, it’s factually  incorrect. Dr. Brand would have never seen Cooper’s ship fall into the black hole!!

As Cooper fell towards the singularity, his image would have “redshifted” (Do your research! 🙂 to Dr. Brand. Eventually, Brand would only see a frozen and suspended, redshifted image of Cooper’s ship, long after Cooper died being smashed into atoms. Cooper’s image would  eventually just fade away.  Nothing escapes black holes. Many, many people saw this movie that is heralded for it’s accuracy but it’s not accurate.

There is a reason for this. If people went to a movie and saw a weird thing, like a ship redshifting in front of Brand’s eyes, without explanation, they would start googling. Some might find the truth of things, in search of those answers. Tell people what they want to see, instead of showing them what they don’t want to see.

This is how people are not only brainwashed but misinformed and will parrot this nonsense without question.

Check it out for yourself!