The problems associated with headwinds on a spinning planet. (Updated! :)

Hello lovelies! M and K here! Last few days has been pretty shitty but we are still kickin’! So, we have proven that the Earth isn’t spinning at 1 mph, anywhere on Earth. That post is here. There are more problems, however. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument the Earth is moving at 100mph (Equator) from West to East.

So, we are going to assume the Earth is moving from 100 mph (Equator) from the West to the East. This time, however we will be adding in the problems associated with headwinds.

If we go back to our Earth sciences again for a moment, we remember the following: The Earth is in constant motion (but somehow slowing), from the West to the East at 1040 mph (Equator). Moving at those kinds of speeds is of course, ridiculous and strains even basic credulity.

Also of course, we cannot forget that the  “Atmosphere” moves in PERFECT and COMPLETE unison with the surface of the Earth  at all times. This is the common response as to why we can’t “FEEL” the Earth’s motion. But this begs bigger questions:

  • If the atmosphere (Which has density) really is moving at 1040 mph (Equator), how can anyone, or anything oppose that force by say, walking/moving/traveling against it?

If you corner someone into this undebunkable challenge/position, the next and frankly, dubious claim is that the Earth is so big, we can’t “FEEL” it’s motion. Funny , Mr. Tyson claimed the Earth’s motion won a football game! Of course, with no listed speed of how fast the Earth was spinning at the game’s geographical location.

This would be required because where you are, at a specific geographical spot dictates how fast your actually moving. The Earth, supposedly spins at different speeds, you’re moving the fastest at the Equator and becomes slower as you move towards the poles! And yet, not ONE Earth spin calculator has been located! Travel times all over the “Planet” Earth would be different based completely on your geographical start and end point!


Even funnier considering Vsauce’s video “What if the Earth stopped spinning?”. The idea being, that if the Earth just immediately stopped, that the “atmosphere” would continue to move at it’s previous velocity, along with us and anything that wasn’t bolted to the surface of Earth. Everyone would be instantly killed, of course.

So which is it? Is the moving atmosphere the powerful force that Vsauce claims and has visualized above, or is the Earth just too big for humans to “feel” it’s speed and motion regardless of our opposition to that speed and motion?

For fun, you can google “Why don’t we feel the Earth move” and you will receive an analogy of a commercial airplane in flight (which would only be applicable to certain latitudes dependent on airspeed). The fact that you can drink coffee in that airplane proves nothing more than the fact that you are drinking coffee in an airplane.

Sounds logical if you consider analogies as “verifiable science” and “feelings” as verifiable fact.

That is of course, until you apply common sense and logic and realize you have a headwind/drag problem.

relativemotion You certainly would feel the speed at which you were traveling if you were directly subjected to the force of drag created by the jet’s engine producing thrust!

  This is the BEST Astroscience  science has to offer as to why we can’t “FEEL” the Earth’s incredible speed but it’s motion and speed can affect the outcome of football games.

Ignoring all the fallacies of common sense logic that Astroscience permits, let’s slow the “planet” down and get it moving at 100 mph (Equator). We think more than fair, for this demonstration.

The most obvious problem is the wind issue. If one were to oppose  100 mph (Equator) of wind (constant velocity), headed West opposing the surface of the Earth and the “atmosphere” moving towards the East in unison, there would be a constant wind blowing on your face at any speed! Pretty common sense logic.

The second problem is the problem of velocity. The faster the headwind became, the harder it would be to walk/move/travel West! As you can see from this image the man in this wind tunnel was experiencing 100 mph winds and had to be harnessed into place.

This is what it would be like to walk West on a
planet spinning at 100 miles per hour (Equator).

  If the Earth was spinning at 100 miles per hour (Equator),  this is what you would encounter attempting to walk to the West – Every day, every hour and every second but you aren’t harnessed to the surface of Earth. Point being, you don’t produce enough thrust and your body’s surface area would incur far too much drag from headwinds. You couldn’t walk West at all.

  The Earth spins at a Constant velocity – Constantly there. That’s the great thing at looking at opposing motion. Anyone can argue Earth curvature numbers, anyone can argue gravity versus electromagnetism and inertia models but no one argues opposing motion(s) and the powerful truths they reveal!

  M and K