The Brainwashing of Interstellar.

M and K here! The constant brainwashing is pretty blatant when you finally disconnect from the theories of Astroscience. This movie is perhaps (Or was) our most favorite of movies.

Please watch this trailer: 

Did you see the brainwashing? If you didn’t, you’re not awake enough yet.

If you didn’t catch the blatant slight of hand (Or even if you did), please click read more to see what you missed!

Something interesting about brainwashing. It can be so subtle but yet so blatant to those that understand that what they are watching is part of the magic act. Instead of splicing out sections of the trailer for you to compare, we’re gonna make you do your own homework.

That being said, notice every single one of the renderings from OUR galaxy, including our “Planet” (Including  the 14,000 satellites in orbit, omitted), are starless. The shot of Saturn, no stars in the background! Heading away from the planet Earth, spinning, starless background.


  As soon as they leave our Galaxy, full, beautiful starfields in almost every shot, including the wicked “Wormhole” scene! The movie title ITSELF has a beautiful starfield.

  Why would that be? If they start putting starfields in HD space movies, people are going to start asking WHY every single picture from “Space” is completely starless! This also reinforces the idea to never ask yourself the question, “Why aren’t their stars in pictures from space?”

  Brainwashing is very, very subtle.

  M and K


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