Plants have internet? What about humans?

Hello lovely readers. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog. So, we had a stoke of luck and we put two and two together. What if humans, too, are another form of internet? We have some ideas on this. Lets talk about it.

As suggested in the “There are no forests on flat earth”, trees, way back when were huge, made of different materials. This allowed them to communicate within a network. This communication between plants was confirmed in mainstream science!

We humans, too, are no different or better than any other animal or plant. So what, if, in this seemingly closed realm, we humans, too, are a form of data transfer? This also begs a few questions:

  1.  What if humans are simply and effectively, websites?
  2. We hold information and that information is stored in our brains.
  3. We, through verbal and physical communication trade that information with other humans, forming an “network connection” so to speak.

This could, theoretically, answer one of the reasons that Geoengineering is happening!

Our Pineal Gland, our third eye is smack dab in the middle of our brains. Something, cut that connection or access between the Pineal Gland and the rest of our brains. The Pineal Gland itself allows humans to access higher levels of consciousness (web connections with other servers) and perhaps even, telepathy (wireless data/network transfer)!

If our Pineal Glads are encrusted with flouride and aluminum, that would prevent even people that may have assymetrical access to it, no access at all. Consider geoengineering shutting down websites, effectively and preventing data transfer from human to human at the network code level.

That’s why our connection to that data transfer with other forms of internet and internet servers, (plants and animals) here in our realm was severed in the first place! Geoengineering simply ensures that we have absolutely no contact with our Pineal Gland that allows other forms of data transfer between networks and each other.

Makes sense to us!

M and K


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