Undebunkable Flat Earth Proof!!

Are you ready my pretties? We know, that the Earth isn’t even moving at 1 miles per hour! How? It’s pretty darned simple when you think about it! You’re not going to want to miss this one! 

SO! Want to prove to your friends that the Earth isn’t even moving at 1 mile per hour? Great!

We want to travel Westbound, for 1 mile towards a fixed destination to the West, traveling at 1 mph. So let’s assume planet Earth and everything attached to it is moving from the West to the East at 1 mph.

So, in 30 minutes time (or 1/2 mile), we would have met our destination, instead of one hour!

We must add our speed of 1 mph, traveling Westbound, opposing the surface motion of Earth and the speed of our destination heading, Eastbound, towards us at 1 mph for a grand total of 2 miles per hour.

In one hour’s time you and your destination would be a mile behind each other after passing each other, 30 minutes into the trip!

“Closure rate” is the speed of which two objects are approaching each other. Their forward speeds must be added together to find a speed at which they are closing the distance between each other.

So now we know, with basic math and logic applied, the Earth isn’t even moving at 1 mph from the West to the East!

Sleep tight lovelies!!!