Prove the Earth is stationary in 30 seconds to your friends!

Want to prove to a friend the Earth is stationary and not spinning at 1040 miles per hour?

  • Have your friend stand 20 feet away, facing the East.
  • You, facing the West, walk towards your friend in opposition of the spin of Earth.
    He must not move.
  • Walk towards him for 20 seconds

Explain to your friend that if the Earth was truly moving, standing still, he would have moved towards you, Eastbound at 1000 miles per hour! If he were truly moving at 1000 miles per hour he would have closed the distance to you in the time it took you to move forward half a step! Both of you would be dead. Thank God the Earth isn’t spinning!

Thank your friend for not smashing into you at over a 1000 miles per hour!  The Earth is flat and stationary and it’s NOT going away.