Debunking the Spinning Earth, scary!

Hello lovelies! 😀 M and K here. We figured it out last night. We realize WHY people are so afraid of the Flat Earth. Debunking the spinning planet is far too EASY when logic is applied. Let’s talk about it.

It’s far too easy debunking the spinning planet and that’s what makes it so frightening. Basic math completely destroys the Planet Earth and that’s the point. Traveling West would be infinitely faster than traveling to the East. It’s THAT SIMPLE and that’s what makes it so frightening to so many people – Something that people THINK they should have a hard time understanding this math but don’t. It’s just too easy and that’s scary.


People are naturally, we think are a bit arrogant, sometimes (Raises hand(s) too), and no one wants to believe that they have been duped by something debunked so easily. So easily, one says “No, it can’t be that simple…”. It truly is, however. It’s fear that’s driving people’s shock and anger. Every chance a celebrity gets to slam a Flat Earther publicly, they do, happily and without debate. This should also tell you something.

We all know Neil Degrasse Tyson would LOVE the opportunity to shame a Flat Earther in a debate but can’t and won’t. WHY? Any Flat Earther would shatter him in 30 seconds, flat and he knows it, which is why he won’t debate with a Flat Earther. The claims of “I won’t debate someone with an idea so ridiculous” is telling. Very, very telling.

Why not put the issue to rest, right now, Mr. Tyson? Why not bury the flat earth system right now, right here in front of everyone and show them how ridiculous flat earthers really are.

Ironically, we have searched the internet looking for a map of our current speed, based, of course, entirely on our geographical location (LOL). This of course is because the “Planet” Earth spins at completely different speeds North or South of the Equator (1040mph).

These calculators would be REQUIRED but we can find, NOT ONE. That should tell you something, my  pretties.

M and K