Vsauce debunks himself!

Hello lovelies! M and K here. Vsauce debunks himself quite nicely here. The idea is, “What if the Earth stopped spinning?”. We, everything connected to the surface and the atmosphere would continue to move at 1000 Miles Per Hour. We of course, would instantly be killed.

Fair enough. So the air is moving at 1000 miles per hour, constantly, towards the East in perfect unison with the surface of Earth. (LOL!)

What these “Science” types never actually talk about is OPPOSING that pressure by walking against it. Like, walking, say West against a column of air moving at 1000 miles per hour to the East, hitting you in the face and body. Not to mention the surface moving below your feet at 1000mph, Chief.

You wouldn’t be able to oppose the pressure of that headwind (Force of drag). No one would be able to walk West on a spinning planet! These guys debunk themselves. It’s hilarious. We tried to get him to debate with us, he wouldn’t. Oh well.



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