Coming to the Flat Earth; Our story.

Hello lovelies! Are you questioning the shape of the Earth? It’s ok, it get’s better. Your almost out of the matrix. It’s a painful process, in which you’re going to lose friends and loved ones, it’s hard so I thought I would share my story. (This was a hard post to write so we had some editing errors, they have been fixed.)

I live with DiD. I have multiple alters and I say “We” a lot simply because we truly are a package deal and proud of it so, deal with it. You may think I’m crazy but I’m certainly not stupid. Leave the “Well, he’s crazy” routine at the door, that’s for the weak minded, which you aren’t.

Our story is no different than anyone else’s. We sat down in front of  a T.V. one cold morning. Being big space/astrophysics nuts, we thought it was a JOKE. “No f***** way, this is a F******** JOKE..” We have followed, space sciences and aviation sciences our whole lives. Something in us said, we need a good laugh.

Within 10 minutes our jaws dropped and we felt like the biggest idiots in the world. HOW could we have been so blind (Brainwashed, actually)? Nothing made sense, well it, made perfect sense.

We have been shooting off firearms since we were children. The love affair of most young men is, you guessed it, guns! We would fire all kinds of different weapons. Bolt action Mausers, MAK-90’s, handguns of all different caliber at all (and extreme) ranges. We have never once adjusted for the “Coriolis Effect”. Ever. No one has but would have to adjust their weapon for the constant motion of the Earth (Leading targets).

We started to realize that everything was a lie, a production and a fantasy. Slight of hand in a public square. We realized, very quickly how brainwashed we actually really were.

We spent the next 8 months searching for answers. Trying to debunk the Flat Earth, over and over again but couldn’t. Any excuse to plug back into the blatant lies, scientific inconsistencies, theories and propaganda of the space lie. Once you see the truth, you never close your eyes. That’s the crux of the matrix. Once your out, you’re out for good. There’s no going back.

That’s when the shock set in. You begin to the see the REAL lies. Once you come to grips with the idea that you have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, lied to and stolen from, your world comes apart. The death of space goes back to childhood when you were indoctrinated into the Heliocentric Model (Globe Earth).

When we are children, we are sent to schools with globes, taught globe theories, watch space globe movies, music, play space videogames, eat space FOOD. (No really, look) It’s no different as adults. The same brainwashing, the same programming, it’s all the same.


We ate some of them while we were writing.

Brainwashed people don’t realize they are brainwashed and believe they are superior to you by association of that brainwashing. Even when you say, “Hey Hoss, you’re brainwashed…” They can’t hear you – it doesn’t process. That’s what the space lie is. A constant brainwashing assault on the senses, including taste, as you can see that started when we are all defenseless children.

We know F******** PH.D’s that can’t work out that if you were walking West against a Surface moving to the East at 1000 miles per hour, the Earth would be moving under their feet at 1000mph. This sickens and worries us. That lack of fundamental knowledge of even the most basic of Earth sciences escapes most.

Other’s will attack your intelligence while they themselves don’t know in which direction the Earth spins. It’s rather shocking and disturbing to say the least. Most that blindly parrot astroscience have absolutely no clue of sciences they speak of, from our experience. This is a dead giveaway to brainwashing.

Common sense tells us the Earth is flat and stationary. Basic math, that the Globe cannot escape, destroys the Globe or “Heliocentric” model completely.

Science itself indicates quite clearly that at least 7 states in the United States are mathematically FLATTER than pancakes! In fact, the state of Kansas is so flat, math had to be created to make it LESS flat! (Sources cited) This is patently impossible on a “Planet” that’s curved at 8 inches per mile, SQUARED!!



The realization, for many is very hard. It only takes 15 minutes of research to destroy the globe Earth but a long time to let space sciences go. Someone close to us brilliantly said “It’s like a death” and it truly is. Unfortunately, until someone is ready to see the truth and face that death, they won’t and will hold YOU accountable for THEIR due diligence.

Once the shock really wears off and you have your mind back, you begin to see the blatant lies projected onto others. You begin to see permmed hair in near zero G space returning to it’s original, permmed position rather than freely float around.


You begin to catch bubbles in space, as if the “Astronauts” were in swimming tanks. You begin to see and hear things that make no sense to you, logically or technically. Like women who appear to be hanging upside down in space and stationary clouds from “Satellite” videos.



The hole only gets deeper. The lies go deeper than most can imagine. The trickery and the mistakes only become louder and more blazen. A dull roar ensues.



You are going to be labeled a conspiracy theorist and scientifically backwards. You will be insulted, marginalized and you will be dismissed. You will have your own hard work and earned intelligence attacked by those, who frankly, aren’t applying logic to the real world around them. You may have your mental health questioned.

It’s THEM that need a checkup, you have completed your due diligence, they haven’t. Laziness and FEAR prevents others from that due diligence. Stand proud.

The price, for harboring the truth will cost you dearly  but oh, how sweet it is. If you decide to proclaim the Earth to be flat after that due diligence, expect your social suicide to follow soon after. That’s the game and it’s a sad one.

Stay the course as hard as it may become. We know it’s hard in a world full of brainwashed, ill individuals.  We love you and we hope your trip down the rabbit hole is not only painful, but horrible, terrible and freeing.

The pain and shock of realizing that you have been deceived will be a huge blow to the ego but this will help you understand why others who are suffering the brainwashed space lies are so angry with the TRUTH, not YOU.

We ask you, who in their right minds would CHOOSE this reality of shaming? People that choose to live in reality and are proud to.

M and K