Flight simulators simulate a flat Earth!

Hello lovely readers! 😀 M and K here! So. What’s all this flight simulator stuff anyways? Well our lovely pretties “Simming” is the act of running a simulation. Along with real world flight experience, part of our illness was falling into an unhealthy fantasy land. Let’s talk about it! 

Trauma, torture and heartache forced us into a very dark place. Trauma does that. As K told me in her first real message to the world, we erase what shames us but we never forget it. We were very young when our trauma began. We learned, that movies and video games was a way a way to hide, in shame from horrible pain.

We were into aviation since we were small children. We spent our lives learning how to fly, the physics of flight (We started our study around 4 or 5). The history of flight, the application of military air power. We had silly dreams, considering how sick we actually were.  The first time we flew our first real plane at 12, the PIC (Pilot in Command) was shocked. It’s like we had been flying our entire lives. He was truly shocked.

Our mental health diagnosis, sadly clipped our wings. It devastated us and will torture us for as long as we live and breathe. The pain of life, sometimes is almost too much to bear over such simple things.

What does that have to do with Flat Earth? Actually, a lot! 😀 Let’s take a look at what is regarded by many aviation “Simmers” the gold standard of military flight simulation:

These simulations are hardcore simulations. So much in fact, the developers who created the simulation above have worked with the military on their simulators, as well. That’s how realistic these simulators are. Everything that a person would need to know to fly a real A10-C is covered in the above simulator, including weapons delivery. The attention to detail is extreme.

Many simulators that are available for the general public are the same ones used to train commercial and military aviators!

What most people don’t realize is that anyone can buy, download and install one of these simulators and prove to themselves everything we talk about in our blog, covering aviation! Be aware, however you will need a serious, serious computer to run these simulations. (Some people spend THOUSANDS of dollars building a computer just to run these flight simulators)


Anyone with 50 bucks (and a powerful computer) can learn for themselves that the Earth is flat. Anyone can get into Xplane and fly West, turn the Headwind up to 1040 miles per hour and watch the hilarity. Anyone can manually take a Boeing 737 and learn for themselves that no pilot manually trims an airplane for a curvature to the Earth.


If there was a curvature to the Earth, every flight simulator known to man (And there are MANY of them) would have simulated it by now but they can’t. No flying would be attained on a spinning ball. All flight simulators are simulations of a flat stationary Earth, well because, the Earth is flat!

Anyone can intercept a VOR  and learn for themselves that the Earth is stationary just by intercepting it (either in simulation or an actual paid intro flight). The truth’s are hidden in completely plain sight. It’s always been that way. Anyone who spends 15 minutes in a simulator understands the relationship between headwinds and tail winds will conclude that the Earth is stationary.


If the Earth were truly spinning at the speed science claims it does, no airplane would be able to take off, land or much less fight 1040mph head and crosswinds. It’s quite clear that nothing on a spinning planet would be able to fly, walk or crawl to the West and flight to the East would be impossible on the exception of the perhaps the fastest military jets available. They would still have trouble, if able to fly at all. (We’ll cover all these topics in later posts)

We were part of a club of guys for a bit that flew simulator missions with in the midst of our illness.

We had friends from that group from all over the world, good men all. We hope they are all out there, happy with whatever they became!

Most were somehow involved with flight, in some fashion. We made some really great friends, bombing the hell out of Airfields (Doug Masters, Iron Eagle). Fun but sick, sick times for us.

So there you are. Coupled with our actual flight time, thousands of hours in simulators and our decades long study of aviation sciences yields very simple explanations. The Earth is flat and stationary, our pretties.

Our next post will be about intercepting  VOR’s, in flight and how that alone proves the Earth is completely stationary. For now, rest and relax. 😀 You’ve earned it!

M and K