Shuttle proves a stationary Earth!

Hello lovely souls! M and K here! 😀 We are going to tackle some issues with the shuttle in this post. It’s pretty simple. It’s actually quite laughable how simple debunking a shuttle on a spinning Earth actually is. Read if you dare!shutteglide

Let us make ourselves clear. NOTHING that weigh’s 165,000 pounds DRY (Empty weight) glides much less lands, unpowered on a spinning planet.The shuttle’s high airspeed wing configuration makes high angle of attack gliding impossible (Flaring) and is extremely inefficient at generating sufficient lift in low speed flight.

There are also questions of center of gravity (CG) concerns to be had, considering the delta design of the shuttle’s wings but that we will leave that for another post!

So let’s get back to our Earth sciences. The surface of Earth, we are told spins (At the equator) at a mind numbing 1040 miles per hour. This includes the “Atmosphere” that spins in perfect unison with it. This is the claim made. It’s super easy to debunk this space shuttle non sense without big scary Non Euclidean Geometry.

The shuttle re-enters our atmosphere and glides because it’s unpowered, towards the airfield that it’s going to land on. That’s all well and good but there is a serious problem.

What happens when the Shuttle, being unpowered itself, slows below 1040 miles per hour or for argument’s sake say 900 knots?

The airfield that the Earth that’s connected to is moving FASTER than the shuttle is and away from it, once it slows below 1040mph!! The shuttle would have to maintain an airspeed of at least 1041 mph to overtake and land at a field to the East. (Which would take hours at 1041 mph).

The shuttle doesn’t produce it’s own thrust. Once the shuttle slowed below the speed of the field moving away from it at 1040 miles per hour it would be a losing battle for the shuttle. To gain airspeed it would have to dip it’s nose for a trade off of altitude. One way ticket back to Earth on a field it cannot physically land on because of the difference in speed..

Landing the Shuttle is equally hilarious on a spinning planet.

The shuttle we are told, lands from  214 – 226 Miles Per Hour.

So let’s think about this for a moment with our “Rational” thinking caps on.

An unpowered shuttle glides and LANDS flying at 226 miles an hour towards a field moving away from it at 1040 miles per hour?? We don’t think so.



M and K