Walking West wouldn’t be possible on a Globe! (Headwind)

Hey everyone M and K. What a furious few days. Recovery SUCKS everyday. Some days more so than others. So, what’s this walking West all about? Let’s grab some popcorn, soda and talk about it!

What we like to try and do is think about everything that we can that wouldn’t work on a spinning oblate spheroid Earth. Tennis, golf, pogo sticking, skateboarding, birds flying, nothing works. Before we left social media we heard the same argument, over and over and over again.

“Inertia carries us along at 1040 miles per hour in equilibrium with the atmosphere (Which has density) that is also moving at 1040 miles per hour”.

That’s all well (If you honestly believe that) and good but when you really consider the idea of being able to force your way through 1040 mile per hour headwinds, it makes no sense. If you don’t know what a headwind is, here’s the definition, sourced at the bottom of the page!

  1. a wind blowing from directly in front, opposing forward motion. SRC1


Walking/moving West would simply be impossible. Let’s take a peek again at our compass 24compasspointsedit

The Earth is moving from the W to the E or 270 to 090. From the left to the right.

Let’s go outside on a clear, still, sunny (Remember when it was sunny?) day and position ourselves facing and looking towards the East. We turn completely around and now are facing directly West and are traveling backwards at 1040 miles per hour towards the East.

The moment we tried to step forward, opposing the motion of the Earth and it’s “Atmosphere” moving at such a high velocity we would be instantly stopped in our tracks.

Opposing the force of an atmosphere moving to the East at 1040mph (Equator) with the thrust generated from our muscles, wouldn’t be possible. Human beings can barely stand in 60-70mph gusts of wind much less 1000!

When people are blown away or blown down from high winds it’s because of the force of drag acting upon their bodies that don’t generate enough force and don’t have enough density to oppose it, either.

The pressure of the wind slamming itself against the surface area of your body (In this case the entire front of your body) would overpower the force that you generate trying to oppose it. You simply couldn’t walk Westbound opposing a column of dense air moving to the East at 1040 miles per hour. It’s not possible.

The surface area of your body would incur far too much drag and produce too little thrust to oppose these headwinds. You would be stopped in your tracks along with anything or anyone else attempting to walk West

The more I think about, movement to the West in all forms wouldn’t be possible! (Coming soon in new posts)

When you find the guy that can jog and withstand 1040 mph headwinds let us know!

It’s that easy debunking a spinning planet. Every. Single. Time.

M and K

SRC 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headwind_and_tailwind