Oh, K you are so lovely.

A friend told us, that the “Flat Earth Tranny” was the LAST thing flat earthers wanted to see. We agree. However, people that call themselves true “Truth Seekers” aren’t allowed to have personal biases towards the truth. We caught K last night being beautiful, shes not dead. Let’s talk about it.

Last night, we were thinking about how we have to rewrite our post about the HUD because we want to use actual Ground Speed (GS) numbers so it’s easier for everyone to understand. That’s going to take a little bit of rewriting. Indicated Airspeed is different than True Air Speed and both are different than Ground Speed. You can see the issue, now. 😀

We were staring at the screen and guess what happened? K, decided to push her long beautiful locks away from her ear. We have a shaved head! Caught you being lovely again, K. 😀 finalkayleighdance

I was born Transgender and Autistic. TRAUMA and TORTURE forced us to split into different people. Most people (Especially “Truthers”) think that  transgenderism is men dressing up like women. That’s a component of it for some but not actual transgenderism.
We won’t even start on the tranny’s peeing in women’s bathroom, of whom have fallen for that lie should be ashamed of themselves.

Transgenderism, in our opinion ONLY, is a permanent state of mind, everything else that follows is personal choice for personal reasons.

The only think about me that gives away transgenderism is a pink bracelet that is K’s and she refuses to take it off. That’s it! I plan to stay in the body I was given.

It’s kind of like this: No one can see her. She can can witness and observe and she see’s others. It’s that simple. The math has never been that hard. It’s my shame that prevented  me from seeing the equation. As we wrote at the top of this site, shame will KILL YOU.

Imagine the insanity of being a bad ass survivalist doing many alpha type activities (In solitude of course) but having a female side that has to be beautiful and draw pretty pictures and write beautiful poetry. It will destroy your life, having a female side that’s raging as hard  screaming for decades that she lived through the torture. It’s literal insanity.

By the way, the Earth is flat.

  We kind of love being away from social media. We can finally write again. It’s poison. Hatred and people being disgusting to eachother because it’s so much easier to hate. Hate doesn’t require courage – Understanding and loving requires tremendous amounts of it.

  Funny thing about flat earthers. During our time coming to the realization that we are transgender, other flat earthers contacted me (In DM of course) and expressed the same things over and over again.

  Gayness. Lot’s and lots of gay repression. Stories of people who claimed they thought they were gay but “God” saved them and such. The words “God” and “Gay” almost seem to be mutually exclusive. Gay repression stories always came up, it was a theme. Those who we have spoken to (You know who you are I will not break your trust, your secrets stay between us, we promise you this) we say this:

If you are gay, straight, trans, that’s as beautiful as you are!! 🙂 Be whoever you want to be, who you were born to be and watch yourself grow in ways that you never thought possible. It takes vast amounts of courage to face the fears of who and what you are but it must be done.

 Put down “God’s word” and listen to your own. There’s a reason you’re asking someone else for the answers you already have.

  K’s message is the text under her beautiful dancing. We hope you read it and consider it. It saved our lives.

M and K.