Jealousy. What a bitch.

Jealousy. The ultimate sword used against others. The irony of jealousy is that it breeds even more self hated. We know it, we see the game and frankly, we are sick of it. Patently PATHETIC. Wow, are we not shocked.  We will keep our mouth to keep the peace but you know who you are. This is what being genuinely kind and honest gets you. We are strong, we are smart and we are beautiful. I’m sorry for thinking it was us, it wasn’t.

Thank you K, for who you are. You are the most gifted artist I have ever met and I’m honored to be by your side. You are the best part of me, the one who wants to love everyone and deserves nothing less in return. You are the one they sense – the one they want to love back but just don’t know how to ask.

When people can’t have something they want, they try and destroy it.



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