World War 2 B-17’s prove a Flat Earth!

Hello lovely souls! ūüėÄ M and K here! We made it through a really hard night, still hard but we made it! By the way, B17’s dropping ordinance in World World 2 prove a Flat Earth as well.


The B17 was a bomber built in World War 2 to pound Germany from the air. What made the B17 special was it’s ribbed design that could take serious damage and still fly. B17’s flew out of England and decimated the German war machine. How did it accomplish this and distinguish itself as one of the best bombers of WW2?

The Norden bombsight.

The Norden bombsight allowed a bombardier (Seated in the bubble nose) to fly and steer the aircraft, independently of the pilot. Once the crosshairs reached the target, bombs away!! How does this prove anything? It proves a lot. Let’s get out our calculators, as we need to work with some numbers.

For the sake of argument, we will use the standard equatorial spin of Earth, which is 1040 miles per hour or 1525.333 feet per second (FPS). We will also need a raw number to work with for our bomb’s fall time. It’s the weapon’s time of fall (TOF) that makes the BIG difference.

So we have our bomber flying North (000) and we drop our bombs. The bombs fall for 45 seconds and scores direct hits!!! Congrats, soldier!!

1525.333 (Feet per second)
x         45 =  68,639.985 feet

68,639.985 = 12.9999971591 Miles (Round up to 13)

That’s right, you saw the number for yourself. In 45 seconds time of a bomb falling to the surface of the Earth, the target would have moved a staggering 68,000 feet! 68,000 feet is almost 13 MILES the target would have moved from the moment the bombs were released to their impact!!!

The argument is because everything on the spinning Earth is moving at the same rate, all objects are carrying a certain amount of “Inertia” that explains this HUGE FLAW away. Fair enough. Let’s take a look at the definition of “Inertia”:

¬† a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.” SRC1 (See bottom)

There are two problems with this argument of ignorance. Aircraft are flying along a curved surface, therefore, level flight (Note the word, LEVEL) wouldn’t be flying in a straight line, they would be flying a curved flight path. The inertia claim made only works in a STRAIGHT line.

The external force that affects inertia is something called “Drag” and “Thrust”. We will be leaving the force of thrust for another post, you’re working hard enough. Right now, let’s take a peek at the force of drag:


In fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called air resistance, a type of friction, or fluid resistance, another type of friction or fluid friction) is a force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving with respect to a surrounding fluid. SRC2 (See bottom)

The air in our closed, flat earth has density. The only way that bombs could fall with unlimited inertia and not be affected by drag would be a vacuum (Which presents it’s own problems). A target moving from from the West (270) to the East (090) would be crossing our flight path, as we flew Northbound.

Mainstream science claims that our atmosphere is in constant (But slowing) state of motion from West to East at 1040 miles per hour. If we dropped bombs, as soon as they left our bomber, they would encounter a “Crosswind”. Let’s take a look at crosswinds:

  1. a wind blowing across one’s direction of travel. ¬†SRC3 (see bottom)

A 1040 mile per hour crosswind¬†would be impacting the surface area of the bombs we dropped (From the left)! The pressure of ¬†dense air smacking the large surface area of our bombs at 1040 mph would affect the bomb’s flight path. This is the force of drag that would act upon anything dropped from any airplane!

Bombs don’t create their own their thrust, which would be required to act AGAINST a crosswind of 1040 mph. Since they don’t create thrust to OPPOSE¬†the force of drag they would be severely affected by a 1040mph crosswind (Blown off course).

Let’s take a peek at the Norden Bombsight. There’s another problem:

If the Earth was truly spinning from the West to the East, a traditional bombsight wouldn’t work properly. Imagine flying North trying to¬†aim at target 13 miles away to the West (270) (left of your direction of flight) that’s moving to the East (towards your aircraft) at 1000 miles per hour!!

For our bombs to hit their targets at a fall time of 45 seconds, we would have to drop them 13 miles away from the actual target at a VERY precise moment.

Dropping a bomb would become a serious trig problem.

Trying to visually track a target from your extreme left, moving 1000 miles per hour and drop bombs on them ¬†13 miles away, would be really difficult. The Norden bombsight was a visual system which is why B17’s couldn’t drop bombs in stormy/cloudy weather! (Target obstruction)

Globe debunked. The Earth is FLAT and STATIONARY!!

Take a deep breath and a break, you worked hard on this one!!!!  This means you, Hoss.

M and K



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