Today I was called an Abomination :(

M and K here everyone! We have hope everyone is having a lovely night! We thought we would start with saying that we are finally finished with social media, completely. We were on twitter today, just to peek about…

A friend, or a so called friend decided that because I’m transgender we are an “Abomination”. This coming from a person only two days ago was praising both our intelligence and my artistic ability. Upon learning about of my status, we had become, apparently, well, you know. we had known this person for quite some time.

It’s hard to listen to hate like that. It really is. We don’t think I really have the words right now. Coming to the realization that in part, I’m ALSO a female trapped in a male’s body compounded with a really hard recovery was the final straw. We both feel awful but we know, deep down, or at least in part, what this person said is weakness. Tonight is rough, peeps, really, really, really rough. We don’t know what to do.

Recovery is hard. The hardest thing a person can undertake in this life. We think it’s clear what we are valued for in our circle of friends. Hard night. Hard, hard night.

M and K