Mount Meru and our luminaries

Hello everyone! M and K here! If you follow flat earth, this post might just be for you. If you don’t follow flat earth you’re going to have no idea what we are talking about. We ask you a question: Could our sun and moon be drawing their power from……….

As all us flat earthers universally agree with the fact that the sun and the moon rotate above us. The Yin Yang is a perfect example of the sun and moon’s rotation. What, you thought the Yin Yang was for hippies? Of course not, it’s a flat earth map!!

The sun and the moon have to draw their power from something. To expend energy, energy must be collected. Perfect balance. That’s what our flat earth system is, and enclosed one. So where does the energy come from if the sun is right above our heads?

The oceans! Salt water generates an electric charge! With such vast and abundant amounts of ocean salt water, quite a charge could be attained!!

There is no other reason for salt water to exist on our flat earth.

Let’s take a peek at the “Square and Stationary Earth” map design by  Prof. Orlando Ferguson. Let’s take a look together!!

See anything interesting with this map? We do. Take a look at the center of the map. Note that the sun and moon (Luminaries) seem to be attached somehow to the pole star. Interesting! Let’s move to the question of HOW the sun and moon might be suspended above us.

I give you, quantum levitation!

So if the sun and the moon are being levitated in this fashion, the next questions is, how the heck are they receiving their power?

Would a Telsa style tower in the center of the Flat Earth (Mount Meru) answer this question? Perhaps!

Nikola Tesla had built a tower that beamed free energy, wirelessly all over New York! Tesla understood how the Flat Earth system worked. He was a true genius. Would it make sense that perhaps he understood what the sun and moon were doing above our heads?

The impressive Tesla tower that beamed free energy all over New York!

Is it possible that perhaps, he simply replicated a Flat Earth system? Ohhhh so many questions now.

Rest well, beautiful souls!

M and K