Walking proves a flat, stationary Earth!

You can forget walking on a Planet spinning to the East at 1040mph.


To tackle the Flat Earth from a common sense perspective, let’s think about common sense things, like walking. Walking is our most basic form of travel from point A to point B. Humans along with all other animals on the Earth propel themselves by thrust generated from their muscles.


To understand how walking proves at the LEAST a stationary Earth we need to understand a few numbers that are involved. Have you brushed up on your math and sciences? Let’s get started! (No fear!!)

The Earth supposedly spins at an insane rate of speed. At the equator, we are told that the Earth spins at a mind numbing 1525.333 feet per second (FPS) or 1040 miles per hour. That’s more than quarter of mile A SECOND. That almost twice the speed of sound! The speed of sound, at Sea LEVEL (Note the word, Level) is 768 miles per hour.

We are also told that the Earth spins from the West (270) to the East (090) and that speed is perceived as constant. The Earth, however is slowing it’s spin at an incredibly small rate of speed. I quote:

  “The planet’s rotation is slowing down overall because of tidal forces between Earth and the moon. Roughly every 100 years, the day gets about 1.4 milliseconds, or 1.4 thousandths of a second, longer. Granted, that’s about 100 or 200 times faster than the blink of an eye.”  SRC1 (See bottom)

Science types will tell you that the Earth and it’s atmosphere are moving in unison at this insane speed and we as humans can’t perceive this motion because of that unity and our size in relation to the size of the Earth!

In many debates, this is the argument. The counter to that argument is simple:

If the Earth is truly moving from the West to the East at 1040mph,  walking West AGAINST the spin would mean that the Earth would literally be moving underneath of your feet! The Earth’s surface, as you walked West opposing it moving to the East would result in catastrophe. The Earth’s surface, would for all intents and purposes be a giant treadmill under your feet moving at 1040mph to the East.

This also doesn’t include a headwind of 1040 miles per hour that would be directly impacting your body. If the argument stands that the atmosphere is moving to the East at 1040mph, walking West against it would be impossible. You, as a human don’t produce the thrust to oppose for the force of drag (Our “Atmosphere” has density) that you would incur at 1040mph.

Walking West on a Planet moving to the East at over 1000 miles per hour would be impossible!!!

See? It’s not that hard!

SRC1: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/06/30/extra-second-added-to-clo_n_1639588.html