Driving West proves a stationary Earth!


Even the simple act of DRIVING proves the Earth is flat and stationary. Get your calculator!!

Would you like to listen to this blog instead of read it? Here you are: 

Let’s say we are 1040 miles away from a destination on the West coast. We want to drive at 65 miles per hour for one hour. We will use 1040 as the standard unit of measurement for now.

Where you are on the supposed pear shaped planet dictates how fast you actually moving because the Earth, we are told spins at different speeds based completely on geographical location.

The Earth is spinning at the insane speed of 1040 miles per hour!! That’s 1525 feet per second (FPS) at the equator! That’s over a quarter of a mile a second!!! That’s faster than the speed of sound!!

So, we are ready to get to California. Let’s roll!!! Let’s do some quick, basic math. We must add the speed of our destination moving towards us at 1040mph to the East with our speed of 65 miles an hour to the West headed to our destination:

1040 Miles Per Hour
+65 Miles Per Hour = 1105 miles per hour

Why do we have to add these two numbers together? Our destination, to the West is moving towards us at 1040 miles per hour. We are traveling towards our destination in opposition of the Earth’s spin to the East at 65 miles per hour.

So our closure rate is 1105 miles per hour!! That means, that if our destination is 1040 miles away and we are driving towards it, we are closing the distance between the destination and  ourselves much faster. We must add these two basic numbers together.

1105 miles per hour is greater than 1040 miles per hour. What does this mean?

This means that we would have to travel for less than AN HOUR to travel 1040 miles!!

Traveling against the spin of Earth, directly West (270) in a vehicle also presents serious problems. Your vehicle, headed AGAINST an atmosphere moving at 1040mph to the East would present both thrust and drag problems.

A vehicle simply doesn’t produce the thrust to overcome the pressure of drag (Headwind) on a spinning planet by traveling directly against the moving atmosphere, itself, to the East! Also, the tires don’t spin fast enough (Thrust) to oppose the surface of the Earth moving at 1040mph under them, either.

That however, is for another day!

See, this isn’t all that hard! 😀 Basic, 1st grade math completely destroys the round earth, every, single, time.

M and K