Hello Flat World!

Have you ever wondered, “Hey, could the Earth be flat?”. Yea, me neither. Until of course, you apply that little thing called “Common Sense”. Just like you, I was a life long lover of all things space and space sciences.

My story is no different than anyone else’s in the sense that I thought the Flat Earth video I was watching was a joke. No really, I thought it was a joke until I realized, the Flat Earth video was right. I never had to adjust for the Coriolis Effect (FOREHEAD SLAP)  when I fired a rifle at long range!!! We’ll get to that later.

As I find the Flat Earth community rife with sexism, racism, homophobia (but never mention lesbians) and bigotry,  I’m trying a new route – No more social media. Too much hate for me to absorb. I’m much happier twitter is gone and I can get back to writing more than 150 characters.

I hope to share our experiences in flight, shooting firearms and graphic arts in hopes that you may consider the world isn’t what they say it is!

M and K