Flat Earth brain buster for your buds

Hello everyone! We were just thinking about heliocentric fallacies (Which are abound). Vsauce has a video of what would happen if the Earth just immediately stopped spinning. It would be instant death, for everyone, as everyone and everything bolted to the earth would be instantly flung to the East at 1040mph (That’s 1525.333 FEET PER SECOND!) (Equatorial). Life on the Pear Earth would end.

BUT WAIT! The common argument is that the Earth is so big, we can’t FEEL it’s movement. Say what?  How can that be possible if the Earth stopped spinning everyone would be instantly turned into debris moving at 1040mph to the East!!?! Can’t have it both ways!

By the way our FEOML still has yet to be debunked.

Moving on! :D

Hello everyone! 😀 Glad to see people still come to see some flat earth truth! It’s time I moved on from Flat Earth advocacy as it was a needed form of release/distraction. An anchor perhaps, when I had nothing left to hold on to, during the beginning phases of my recovery.

I have met great friends, sadly made some enemies but I will always treasure my time meeting such wonderful, brave folks, working so hard to promote the truth of the place we call “Earth”. Far better men (and women) than I –  I’m still humbled by the minds and people I’m honored to call my friends.

No one, has yet debunked my “Flat Earth Opposing Motion Law” (FEOML), which can be found here. This completely and thoroughly debunks and destroys the idea of a “Planet” that is spinning in one direction, constantly (But also, slowing) at ANY speed. Think you can debunk this one? Give it a try. – And yes, I still promote flat earth, to everyone I meet.

Anytime you need a debate buddy or wanna shoot some flat earth truth, you can always email me and reach out! 😀


Flat Earth Brain Buster (try with friends!)

Hello all! M and K here! The Earth, spins at variable rates depending on your geographical position. The Earth spins the fastest at the equator. This speed is 1040mph or 1525.333 feet per second from the West to the East. As you travel away from the Equator towards the poles, the slower the Earth spins.

Driving for 50 miles (At 60mph)to a fixed destination, Westbound at the equator would be FASTER than traveling that same 50 miles, Westbound, in say, Northern California at the same speed!



New quote, other stuff.

Boy the Geoengineered weather is amazing. We will be doing a burn test on it but we already know what the results will be. I/we was talking with a few friends. People are sad and upset, myself included. Our recovery has been beyond awful at times (Happily, still sober).

Anyways, for those of you suffering with DiD/Autism/PTSD/Kidnapping or who are just as generally sad as everyone else in the world:

“When in the dark, we forget about the light”. M.S.(K,J)

Take the pain, let it burn a bit, you will be scarred but tougher. Cry, scream, listen to music, eat candy, whatever it is, take a deep breath.

Ok we lied. Here’s some Flat Earth stuff.

How could a high diver ever land in a pool if the surface of Earth is moving at 1000 miles an hour beneath him? The force of drag affects the “Inertia” claim (Which by the way only applies to linear motion).


The counter argument, to this of course is that because the Earth so huge and humans so small,  we cannot “Feel” the Earth moving at the incredible speed of 1040 mph! (1525.333 feet per second!!!).  Neil Degrasse Tyson believes the “Coriolis Effect” won a football game!

If the Earth was truly moving, so would the “atmosphere” moving with it. Walking West would produce a constant wind on the face and body!

But there’s more!

We are spinning faster than sound travels. Think about that for a moment.

Inconsistent Pear Earth Pictures.

Not only is the horizon flat at 160,000 feet. This is a picture of the Endeavor straddling the “Mesosphere”. Two questions arise. #1 The horizon is flat #2 who took the picture of the Endeavor? But there’s more!


One must ask, how can the Endeavor be flying higher than the jump of Felix Baumgartner and yet the horizon is FLATTER than the footage of his jump at a lower altitude?

maxresdefault (2)